Glass, a sea-friendly waste item, is at the heart of the “Endless Ocean” environmental awareness campaign

Assovetro, the Italian association of glass manufacturers, and Legambiente played the starring roles of project Endless Ocean, the communication campaign which launched several initiatives throughout 2018 to disseminate the culture of recycling and sustainable glass waste.

The operation was conducted in partnership with Friends of Glass, a virtual community consisting of more than 200,000 private individuals, companies and associations who care deeply about the future of our Planet and the culture of glass as civil, historical and environmental heritage.

friends of glass endless ocean

Pollution, sustainability and consumer choices: glass is the preferred packaging material in Europe 

When it comes to waste and packaging, you cannot help but think about the impact these can have on soil and sea pollution: it is estimated that by 2025 the oceans will contain more "waste" than fish.
The awareness-raising campaigns conducted by the media, environmental groups and unions on these issues in recent years have radically changed the attitude of consumers and their choices.

According to a survey conducted by Consumer Barometer in 2018 in 12 European countries, 78% of the total reference sample and 76% in Italy admit to making their purchases more carefully with respect to environmental issues and pollution from packaging and waste.

78% of Europeans and 86% of Italians consider glass to be the best packaging for food storage while 60% of Italians and 73% of Europeans think glass packaging to be more sustainable and to have less impact on the seas and on the environment owing to its total potentially infinite recyclability.

Glass, an endless resource

Glass in fact consists of sand, sodium carbonate, limestone and other natural materials that are 100% recyclable. It releases no chemicals in the products it contains, in the environment and in the seas, nor does it dissolve into micro-particles which are dangerous for animals and the ecosystem.
Recovering and recycling glass is ten times cheaper than giving new life to plastic materials.

riciclabilità vetro

The statistics, collected in Germany, France, Italy, UK, Spain, Austria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland and Turkey from 19th March until 27th April 2018, highlighted the interesting marketing potential of glass packaging, which is increasingly frequently being preferred to plastic and paper/cardboard for hygienic, environmental, transportability and reliability reasons: the 6,265 responses received by Consumer Barometer aim to be the starting point for reflection involving glass manufacturers, consumers as well as food and manufacturing companies on the need to intercept a growing environmentalist trend, that focuses on the quality, healthiness and sustainability of food products and more.

Endless Ocean, a project by Assovetro and Legambiente to promote glass as the sea’s best friend 

The data collected on the growing popularity of glass packaging among consumers convinced Friends of Glass, Assovetro and Legambiente to promote initiatives focused on sea-friendly glass: indeed, the seas and oceans are a resource that is increasingly at risk because of waste, sewage and production slag that are dispersed at sea, damaging flora, fauna and fishing.

ocean plastic pollution

Project Vele Spiegate (Unfurled Sails) for example involved thousands of volunteer yachtsmen, who monitored and cleaned up the seas of Tuscany and Cilento for 9 weeks, whereas the campaign entitled #Usaegetta?Nograzie! (#Disposable?Nothanks!) saw Legambiente volunteers at major summer events throughout Italy distribute 2,000 purpose-designed glass bottles marked with the Legambiente and Endless Ocean logos. The initiative was designed to promote and encourage separate collection and recycling of glass: glass is currently 83% recovered and 73% recycled, but the objective is to continue to reduce the amount of glass waste which is dispersed into the environment and at sea, to bring this figure down to zero by 2050.

ocean plastic pollution 2

The testimonials of the Endless Ocean campaign for the promotion of glass as sea-friendly packaging were two exceptional athletes, who have dedicated their lives to water: former Olympic swimming champion Massimiliano Rosolino and apnoea champion Umberto Pelizzari.

Customised Christmas gift jars: creative glazed ideas

A hand-made Christmas present is always appreciated, all the more so if it is wrapped in an original, natural and non-toxic way such as in a glass jar!

Empty glass jam jars can be turned into fun decorated vessels for customised gifts which can be re-used time and time again or disposed of without harming the environment.

Here are a few ideas to create unconventional, glazed Christmas presents!

Home-made cake mixes, biscuits, soups, etc. in glass jars 

For your amateur chef friends who enjoy coming up with delectable mouth-watering delights, why not prepare a cake or biscuit mix, for cookies, chocolate roulade, brownies or cupcakes?

Pour the right quantities of dry ingredients of the mix in layers into a hermetic tall glass jar: the overall effect will be attractive, and the mix will be ready to be stirred together with the other fresh ingredients, including eggs, milk and butter, and then baked.

Decorate the jar with a fun and colourful label, perhaps a personalised reference to the recipient of your home-made gift, and tie a gift card to the lid containing the step-by-step recipe and the exact quantities of the ingredients they need to add.

Complete the gift by covering the jar lid (better still if it’s hermetically sealed: it will make your gift last longer!) with a piece of Christmas themed fabric or decorate it with twigs, nuts and cinnamon sticks and hot glue.
A guaranteed success!

christmas gift dessert glass jar borgonovo

For those friends who prefer something savoury, you could fill your gift jars with blends of pulses, rice and coloured pasta, dried mushrooms, spices and mixed herbs for them to prepare healthy soups and pasta and rice dishes or to garnish and add flavour to existing dishes.

You could also opt for the fun idea of putting together a mix for home-made mulled wine: fill an empty jar with cane sugar, thin slices of dessicated apple, cinnamon, juniper, cloves and dessicated orange peel.
This delightfully scented mix will release all its delicious aroma into hot wine: what better way to celebrate with friends and relatives?

Customised glass jars for your hobbies 

Turning glass jars into useful Christmas present for your friends’ and relatives’ hobbies and leisure time is a piece of cake.

• For your friends who are passionate about embroidery and sewing, you could fill an empty jam jar with bobbins of thread, needles, thimbles, small buttons and appliqués, measuring tape, scissors, etc.
If you use jars with a tin lid you could turn the lid into a practical padded pincushion.

Don’t forget to decorate the jar with bows, ribbons and a few vintage buttons to boost!

christmas gift sewing glass jar borgonovo

• For your fashion-victim friends the perfect gift jar could contain all their favourite cosmetics, such as face masks and travel-size creams, small bottles of toner, cooler eye bags, eye shadows, lipsticks or mascara, make-up remover pads and sponges.

Another sure-fire success could be the version for nail care: fill the customised jar with nail files, nail varnishes, hand creams, nail art stickers and all the necessary essentials for impeccable nails.

• Another trendy and popular gift jar idea focuses on the tea and coffee theme: fill the jar with special tea bags, herbal tea bags, coffee pods with the finest blends.
Don’t forget to add the dedicated metal tea leaf infuser and, if the glass jar you have selected for this particular gift is big enough, add a customised tea or coffee cup decorated with a Merry Christmas message.

• Are your friends mad about the latest hipster trend? You could fill their particular gift jar with everything they need to pamper and strengthen their beard: lotions, creams, dedicated shampoos, all in travel-size sachets (these are easy to find at any barber’s or in well-stocked men’s perfumeries). Decorate and brighten up the jar with stickers and appliqués with a moustache/dandy theme for extra wittiness.

• For arts and crafts lovers, you could fill a jar with all the essentials required for decoupage and collage: decorative washi tape, special shape scissors, glue, stickers, fabric swatches and anything your imagination suggests.

Scented candles in a jar 

Who doesn’t like a scented candle....especially at Christmas?

If you have some left-over candles, you could melt the wax in a bain-marie in a saucepan, and when the wax is liquid (allow it to cool a few minutes!), pour it into a thoroughly clean and dry glass jar, keeping a piece of string tied to a stick hanging in the middle as you pour.

You could rest the stick across the top of the jar to keep the wick nice and straight down the middle of the jar.

Allow it to set and then wrap your candle gift jar as you would a jam jar, with a label and a lid decorated with fabric and trimmings.

If you don’t have any left-over candles around the house, you could purchase the wax, glycerine and your favourite aromas from specialist DIY stores: your home-made candle gift jar is destined to impress!

Mouth-watering home-made gift jars 

For recipients with a sweet tooth, the ideal gift jar is a delicacy you have made yourself and put together in an original way in a clean, disinfected glass jar.

Biscuits, chocolates, cereal bars, sweets: the Internet offers an extensive choice of recipes to make these delicious treats at home and store them in a glass jar.
If you have vegan or vegetarian friends, try recipes made with no animal-derived ingredients for an entirely cruelty free home-made gift!

christmas gift biscuits glass jar borgonovo

Pick a hermetically sealed jar to store your delicacies longer or a transparent jar that can subsequently be recycled as a biscuit jar.

If you want to give away jams, fruit preserves, vegetable chutneys or pasta sauces, remember to use jars suitable for sterilisation and boil them after they have been filled to avoid the risk of food poisoning.

A “comfortable” ideal to keep warm on those long winter evenings?

Fill a glass jar with sugar lumps and cover them with pure alcohol used to make liqueurs. Add spices and your favourite herbs (star anise, cinnamon, citrus fruit peel, aniseed, etc.) and leave to soak for a few days. A gift jar for those who shy away from the cold... but with a bold taste!


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Do you want to create original, cheap, easy to make yet highly attractive Christmas decorations for your home and table this festive season?

Decorations made with glass jars and pots are an excellent idea to inject the magical atmosphere of Christmas into your home in a stylish and elegant manner, without spending a fortune and using simple DIY materials which are readily available around the house or in specialist stores.

To save money and find a wide range of shapes and sizes, you can contact a quality glass jar wholesaler and let your imagination run riot, to create a host of fun DIY Christmas decorations.

Glass candle burners and tea light holders 

Christmas is a celebration filled with light: why not cheer up your home with the warmth and suffused glow of home-made lanterns created with empty jars and pots?

You can simply place tea lights and various-sized candles in a large, wide glass jar: an airtight food jar like this one will give your home-made lantern an even more authentic, rustic look.

Adorn the edge of the candle burner with ribbons, trimmings, silver or gold yarn or strips of fabric that match the colours of your interiors for a sophisticated and stylish or romantically shabby chic look.

To give your decorated jar an even more natural, country look, tie raffia yarn around the lid and hang twigs of fir, branches of mistletoe, holly or branches with berries and dried flowers from it, taking care not to let them come into contact with the flame.

christmas glass jar candle borgonovo

Remember to leave the lid of the glass jars or pots used as Christmas lanterns open and never to leave them unattended when the candles are burning, especially if they are within the reach of children and pets.

If you want to achieve an equally scenic effect but want to avoid using naked flames, you could decorate the jars and introduce strips of mini-LED lights: use tall glass jars with a retro look and add several strips of “cold” lights for even more scenic effect.

Complete the composition by adding stars, bells or other golden metallic Christmas decorations into the jar to multiply the magical reflections that your home-made lantern casts around its surroundings.
You could also create sophisticated, illuminated corners by mixing and matching different-sized jam and preserve jars and pots filled with lights, twigs, dried flowers and Christmas tree decorations made of glass or metal.

christmas glass jar lights borgonovo

Decorative jars: winter landscapes and Christmas patterns 

You could create genuine Christmas landscapes inside empty glass jars and pots using salt, sugar or cotton wool to simulate a blanket of snow on the ground.
Add small fir trees, animal figurines or small houses to complete the scene, or put together an original nativity gift jar lining the base of the jar with moss and pebbles.

christmas glass jar decorative borgonovo

For an original DIY Christmas centrepiece or a refined kitchen decoration, fill an empty sealable jam jar with a few Christmas tree decorations, preferably made of glass or metal, Christmas spices such as cinnamon sticks and star anise and dried fruit and nuts including walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds - as they are or painted: using just a few items that are readily available in your home, you will mesmerise your guests and add a personal touch of style and warmth to your festive table.

Create elegant shabby chic decorations by decorating glass jars and pots using only natural elements such as pine cones, twigs, berries and slices of dried citrus fruit: empty jam jars could be transformed into sophisticated place card holders for a country-style Christmas table.

DIY snow globes: create your own customised Christmas snow globe using an empty glass jar 

A snow globe, with snow falling onto a magical landscape, are a genuine must-have this Christmas!

Why not make your own DIY snow globe using a simple empty jam jar and lid and a few other simple materials? The effect will be extraordinary!

christmas glass jar snow globe borgonovo

You could use them to decorate your home or astound guests and relatives with a cheap yet effective gift idea.

In addition to the empty glass jar you’ll need an animal figurine, a house or a Christmas character in resin or plastic, glitter or collage stars, water and glycerine (available from chemists).

Here are some simple instructions to make your own DIY snow globe:
• Glue the resin figurine onto the underside of the jar lid using water-resistant glue.
• Fill the jar with water (but not right up to the edge!) and two teaspoons of glitter.
• Add a spoonful of glycerine to make the water more viscous and “slow” down the falling snow.
• Replace the lid and shut tightly, turn the jar upside down and... hey presto: your very own DIY “snow globe” is ready!

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